About Me and My Journey

I started blogging before blogging was cool, hip or trendy.  It was something I enjoyed when the spirit moved me.  I also found a great outlet to vent when the moment was necessary.  Now, I’ve combined those blogs and placed them here, together.

I love writing, as it is a great past-time.  I began writing at the age of eight and will continue to do so into old age.  I much prefer writing as an emotional release versus any other means around.  Perhaps it’s a flaw, but I much prefer to call it an asset.

As far as who I am, I’m me.  At least I’m working diligently to rediscover me.  My life has not been easy on many counts, and some events have left an ugly scar.  At this point in my life, I’m enjoy what I do have and looking for new and exciting adventures to propel me forward into the dreams I carry for the future.

In the past, relationships have defined me in many ways.  I never felt comfortable to state what I wanted and why.  That has changed in recent times as I’ve discovered just how important it is for me to be true to myself.

What have I discovered?  Much.

I don’t like being drunk.  I don’t like the way I feel when I’ve had too much to drink and I especially don’t like the next few days following.  Hangovers aren’t gone in a few hours for me any more.

I like different foods.  I love artichokes, salmon, tomatoes, mushrooms, squashes, fillet mignon, and alfalfa sprouts.  I am not fond of cranberries, oranges, and potatoes.  I also like eggs in different ways – boiled, scrambled, and fried over medium.

I’m tall and skinny.  Thankfully not as skinny as I once was.  I’m just barely within my weight target for my height, and I’ll take that.  Finding pants to wear is a challenge however.

I enjoy many things paranormal.  I watch TAPS, partake in a spiritual forum and even ran a business online doing readings for a lengthy time.  I’ll do readings on occasion now… when the spirit moves me.

I’ve discovered that I do want one more child.  That seems to be the end of it for me, however.  My preference is a boy, but I wouldn’t mind having a girl, as long as no one forces her to be in frilly dresses that serve no purpose.

I’m really a tom boy.  I don’t do my nails, would prefer my hair pulled back and out of my face, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with tennis shoes.  I truly do not like makeup.  I will wear it when I have to, but if I can go a month without layering the pore-clogging-skin-suffocating junk on my face, I’m thrilled.

I love showers.  I love sitting in a steaming hot shower with the water running off me.  It’s my favorite “me” time.

I miss hiking and geocaching.  This spring I hope to get back out and have some fun with that.  (Thanks to my ex for introducing that to me in 2001.)

I’m developing a list of what I want to do.  There are things I used to enjoy and I want to see if I still do.  They are on my growing list as well as some things I’ve never tried before.  I’m testing those boundaries in my life and getting rid of many.

I’ve thought a great deal about my brother who sits in prison as well.  He’s made contact with my sister, younger brother and father.  I’m not sure if I should stand with my conviction to never speak with him again or I should at least send a letter his way.  It’s a choice I’ll have to ponder for some time.

Something that is defining about me and my life?  I’m a survivor.  Not in the aspect of out in nature, but a survivor of grief.  I lost my first born son, Reiley, in April of 2000.  That has been a defining event in my life and will continue to define me until I’m able to fully let go and move on.  When will that be?  I’m not sure…


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